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Ear Wax Removal Process

Firstly, we’ll ask you to fill out a health questionnaire and have a chat about any concerns you may have about your ears, your hearing, and the microsuction technique. Then, before we use any equipment, we’ll perform a quick ear health check, looking at the ear lobe and the surrounding area. Once we’ve established that the outer ears are nice and healthy, we’ll use our system to look into the ears and use microsuction if needed.

Safe & Efficient Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax microsuction is a safe and effective procedure used to remove excess or impacted ear wax from the ear canal. It has gained popularity in recent years as a preferred method of ear wax removal due to its many advantages over traditional methods such as ear syringing or ear irrigation – it’s less messy, carries fewer risks, and is all done in a matter of a few minutes. It is considered the “gold standard” in ear wax removal, and in keeping with that standard, our equipment and our training are both accredited by the British Society of Audiologists.

Free Follow-up & Specialist Support

If we can’t remove all the wax in one session, we’ll arrange a follow up appointment for no additional fee.

And if we spot anything unusual, such as signs of an ear infection, with your permission we can send pictures and video to our team of ENT specialists for advice and referral, if necessary. As well as performing microsuction, we place a heavy emphasis on general ear health and early detection of any issues can be key to keeping you hearing better for longer.

At-Home Ear Wax Removal

Experience ear wax removal in the comfort of your own home

  • Safe and painless
  • Using state of the art technology
  • At your convenience
  • Accredited by the BSA and BSHAA
  • Evening and weekend appointments available

Holmes Ear Care is available for consultations and ear wax removal in Plymouth and the surrounding areas